Question 1: How often should women get a bra fitting?

Every 6 months because weight does fluctuate during the year. If that isn’t possible, then definitely once a year. We offer complimentary bra fittings online.

Question 2: How often should women replace their bras?

Once a year. Just like women have a collection of shoes, they should have a collection of bras. You should have 4-6 bras that you rotate daily in your wardrobe.

Question 3: How can you tell if the bra needs to be replaced?

If you’re breasts are falling out under the wire. Or if the back of the bra starts rising in the back, that means the front is losing support.

Question 4: What bra sizes do you carry?

We carry 32 A - 40C. 

Question 5: What are your most popular bra styles?

 • Black Vest Collection - It eliminates back fat because it has back and side smoothing technology that creates a smooth silhouette. The band retains its shape and the straps do not slide off. The result is a very comfortable bra that can handle long days.

 Stunning Support Collection - It’s the bra you wear for a special occasion or when you want a firm hold. It lifts, smoothes and shapes your breasts resulting in maximum support. This style is perfect for larger cup sizes.